DPAD Optimization

Process And Operational Evaluation
We invest our time to understand each client’s unique operational facts and historical DPAD process.

Revenue Classification
We utilize our thorough understanding of the section 199 regulations to optimize each client’s Domestic Production Gross Receipts.

Cost of Goods Sold Analysis
By analyzing allocation and apportionment opportunities, we optimize each client’s qualified gross margin.

Application of Section 861
We carefully apply all relevant section 861 rules to optimize DPAD, while maintaining a consistent and optimized position under other operative sections.

Prior Period Cost Analysis
We utilize our years of experience interfacing with the IRS on prior period costs to reduce to the fullest extent allowable the expenses allocable to DPGR.

Workpapers and Technical Memoranda
All tax return positions are well-documented in anticipation of IRS review and approval.

IRS Exam and Appeals Support
We provide comprehensive support from an initial IDR through issue resolution at the IRS Exam or Appeals level.